Monday, April 11, 2011

This week I'm cooking Mediterranean

I love to cook a variety of ethnic cuisines.  Last month I cooked a lot of Indian food for clients, family and friends.  Now with the beginning of Spring and warmer weather, I am gravitating to cooking Mediterranean.
I made tahini from scratch (all it really is, is sesame seeds and olive oil finely ground in a food processor.)   Easy.
Using the freshly made tahini, I prepared a wonderful roasted red pepper hummus.  I always make hummus from organic dried garbanzo beans (not canned).  I soak beans overnight, then cook them, then make the hummus in a food processor.  Yesterday I made dolmas - stuffed grape leaves.  Oh, oh, oh.....nothing like freshly made stuffed grape leaves.  I prepared the filling first (bulgar based) then rolled it up in the pretty grape leaves, then steamed them for 1/2 hr.  
First I laid out the grape leaf,

I added the filling then rolled up the grape leaf

Voila, stuffed grape leaves to die for!

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