Saturday, July 22, 2017

I'm Bulletproof......are you?

Living the Bulletproof life means:  consuming a lot of protein (all types), good fats (I love avocados and ghee and high quality MCT oil/coconut based products) and of course vegetables.   It means being on top of my game by consuming nutrient dense foods.  I love to juice in the morning (ginger, lemon, fennel, turmeric).   I have a great juicing machine.  Then I take that extracted juice, put it in my VitaMix with whole greens (spinach, chard)  ginger, turmeric, a small amount of fresh fruit AND high quality protein powder, freshly ground flax and chia seeds, etc.  That's how my morning begins.  Then I have eggs or oatmeal with more greens (ie. steamed chard with a poached egg on top, yum).  I'm energized to be sure. And i like to stay lean and fit.
this is commercial juice shots, I usually make my own