Saturday, July 17, 2010

Three Years of Blogging, Cooking, Learning and Growing

This month marks the third anniversary of this blog. When I started this blog in July of 2007, I never dreamed I would become a regular food and lifestyle blogger! I just wanted to post a few recipes to encourage my friends to eat better. And now three years later I see that one posting at a time over a period of time translates into a lot of articles....enough material for a book. (Yes, I'm still procrastinating on completing my book....but at least it's "in the works".) I'm not sure how many people read this blog, but I hope someone gets encouragement from it. I can tell you that it has brought me a sense of purpose, accomplishment and joy. Because of this blog I've learned new use a digital camera and import photos here, there and everywhere, I've learned how to use the video component and to upload to the various sites I use and I've become confident in my writing. And most importantly I've been able to share some of my recipe creations for the world to see and use. These are just a few of the rewards I have gotten from posting articles to this blog. I feel a sense of joy that I get to create and have a voice here. Creativity, in and out of the kitchen is one my most important values and I am grateful that I am able to play with creativity often.

A few things I've done in the past year:

I've discovered Vegan cooking. I love the clean, freshness of it. I even sneak in vegan dishes to my clients and then when they taste it they are happily amazed. "Native Foods" cookbook has great vegan recipes that are easy and very, very healthy.

I've built my client base so that I am now working steady as a Personal Chef.

I continue my fitness programs and love the feeling I have of actually "being fit, strong and full of vitality." One of the most important things I've done to that end, is that I started strength training 9 months ago and have done it consistently ever since. I have seen that all it really takes is a little effort to be willing to just pick up those weights twice a week. The benefits I've received are wonderful......most importantly, I feel strong. This has had a huge impact on my success in the kitchen and my ability to perform at a high and fast level, since spending hours upon hours on hard kitchen floors, lifting, bending, chopping, reaching in and out of hot ovens, low cabinets and deep sinks is very physically taxing. Without upper body strength it would be impossible for me to physically sustain energy and stamina.

I tried out for two cooking shows. One of the shows was Master Chef with Gordon Ramsay. I went on the initial interview and they actually called me back for a second interview. I met Gordon (he's actually a very nice man) and although I was not selected in the final round, I was completely happy to even be in the running.

And finally, I've built and expanded my own cooking skills through practice, practice, practice. I am so lucky to have clients who enjoy the foods I prepare and who are willing to experiment with the health conscious way I cook.

Oh, I should not forget to tell you that I purchased an immersion blender and it's been a wonderful kitchen tool. I love that thing!

My herb garden is flourishing now with basil, rosemary, greek oregano, lemon thyme, italian parsley and cilantro. I am also growing 3 types of tomatoes and eggplant. My garden is a container garden, not too big, just enough to keep under control. Next month when my tomatoes are ready, I'm going to make gazpacho. There just isn't anything like fresh gazpacho.

Enjoy your summer and if you need any fresh or email me and I'll pick some and give them to you the next time I see you. :)