Monday, May 25, 2009

Time flys when I'm cooking

It's been two months since I posted to this blog because I've been doing more cooking than writing. That's a good thing! I could (and do) spend hours upon hours in the kitchen, chopping, creating, making up new dishes! Also, I've been hosting some pretty intense fitness walks, hikes and stair climbs too for the last several months and that has kept me busy, fit, and away from my writing. Sometimes I wonder where I get all the energy to do all this, but then I's because I consume such wonderful, fresh, healthy foods. Yes, that's it. I'm so grateful to have such great local organic produce at my doorstep. Well, it's not really at my's just a mile and a half walk to the farmers market! I still love to walk to the Santa Monica Wednesday Farmers Market with my day pack, fill it up with fresh produce, then walk home. I carry about 22 pounds home.....just another way to stay fit. And oh, the sweet people and sights along the way. It just doesn't get much better for grocery shopping (except of course my local Whole Foods and Co-Op Markets which I love for all the "other stuff", particularly their "bulk" section.) Oh, I'll save that subject for another blog post.... another chapter of gratitude.