Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Great Summer......

July marks my second anniversary of blogging. It’s been a wonderful writing experience……and from it I decided to write a cookbook. So, I joined a writer’s group which has been great support in keeping me on track with the book. I’m very excited about this -- the book is close to being finished. The premise of the book is to inspire single people to cook for themselves AND ENJOY IT! With everyone watching their finances and their waistlines these days and still interested in enjoying great food, I gear “The California Singles Cookbook” to eating healthy at home for way less than dining out so often. We all know how expensive it is to eat out and the tips and recipes in my book will show singles how to have fun cooking for themselves, to prepare easy, healthy dinners and lunches. For instance, in my book I show how to cook one evening a week and have three to four meals from it. And, I show how to use FRESH ingredients without having to purchase all those higher-priced pre-made, pre-packaged foods (you know, the ones you buy at Trader Joes….that go bad in two days). We all know how nutritious salads and vegetables are and when they are purchased fresh (instead of in a plastic bag….which, by the way…..makes the food taste like plastic), you’ll be consuming a healthy diet, save money and even lower your weight and body fat.

This week I am very happy to be cooking lunches and dinners for my friend as she recovers from serious knee surgery and is confined to a brace and crutches. Here’s a glimpse of the 3-day meal plan.

LunchAsian broccoli slaw with sesame dressing served on a bed of shredded Napa and Bok Choy cabbage.
Dinner Roast Cuban Chicken, black beans and Cuban rice (we love garlic!!!)

Lunch – Mediterranean lentil salad (with fresh seasonal chopped vegetables, plated with fresh organic spinach)
Dinner – Red Topper Meat Loaf (a sun-dried tomato topping sauce) and roasted seasonal fresh vegetables
Lunch – Organic black bean soup and small green salad with lime-cilantro vinaigrette
Dinner – Stuffed Pastilla chilies served with Spanish rice

Are you hungry yet?

Many thanks to all my friends, family and clients who have encouraged and supported me as I build my Personal Cheffing business and feed you with only the finest, healthiest and delicious healthy gourmet meals.