Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Papaya - A most wonderful and healthy fruit!

Large green papayas from Mexico are perfect now and Costco has lots of them at a reasonable price.  Choose an almost ripe papaya (green with just a hint of yellow coloring on the skin and firm, but not real hard, to the touch.)  Let it sit on your counter for a day or two and it will begin turning yellow on the skin.  Then it's ready to slice.  I slice it right down the middle.  Remove the seeds, then lay it on it's side and slice it in rounds.  Now  use a sharp knife and circle it around the skin on each slice, to remove the skin.  Then I slice in slices again.  Serve chilled with several lime wedges.
And you all know how much I advocate eating's the perfect breakfast fruit.  Sometime I cut it up in little pieces and blend into my morning "health cocktail."   Just add it to your morning smoothie like you would any other fruit.  And don't forget to add some ground flax seeds, too.  Way healthy!