Friday, September 24, 2010

I love tomatoes

Well, summer has come and gone, but my tomato plants are still yielding so luckily I’m still harvesting! And what do I do with these sweet gems……I make Gazpacho, of course.
There just isn’t anything like Gazpacho from homegrown tomatoes. This photo shows my three tomato plants which I grew in containers on my sunny deck. I had so, so many tomatoes from these three plants. I grew Better Boy, Celebrity and Roma tomatoes. My favorite this year is the Celebrity. They are almost perfectly round and plump and oh so sweet and delicious. (The photo might appear that the plants look straggly and picked over now but you can see there are still tomatoes ready for picking’ even now in mid-September.) (I was so anxious to pick and eat the tomatoes a few weeks ago when they began to ripen that I forgot to take photos while these plants were in full bloom.
And guess what? Gazpacho just happens to be a calorie conscious food and quite delicious with a slice or two of ripe avocado on top! Check out my recipe for Gazpacho in the “recipe” tab on the right column here.