Friday, April 22, 2011

Tomorrow I harvest home grown sunflower sprouts

Fresh homegrown sunflower sprouts are a delight in a salad, on a sandwich or as a nice touch as a garnishment to create an eye appealing plate.  I decided to try my hand at growing my own.  I purchased the seeds at my favorite market in Santa Monica, "The Co-opportunity Market".   I soaked 3/4 cup of the seeds overnight then lined a large plate with parchment and spread out some organic potting soil on it.   I sprinkled the seeds atop the soil, gave it a good water spray, then covered it with wet newspaper (yes, that's right, newspaper) then put it in a large dark brown lawn and leaf bag. I placed this in a dark closet for 3 days then I uncovered the brown bag and saw little sprouts popping up.  I placed this in the sun outside and sprayed it with water every day for 4 days and now I have wonderful sprouts for my next salad.  This was a fun project and I love that I get to have a supply of sprouts for the next several days.  If you love sunflower sprouts growing your own is fun, easy and economical.

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