Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A messsage from Rebecca

Welcome to my Blog which started as a place to share my passion for cooking, eating and the proliferation of a healthy lifestyle and continues to be a work in progress. The Internet has opened up so much for me, and for all of us, perhaps making it one of the best educational tools of the 21st Century and offering unlimited “Freedom of Speech” .…I like that I can write articles from the heart for others to enjoy. Throughout this Blog you’ll find a variety of topics….cooking, art, fitness, gratitude, attitude and of course healthy recipes. I hope you can relate. Enjoy, and please feel free to leave a comment by clicking "comment" at the bottom of any article.


Jeni said...

Fascinating tidbits! I love reading all about you. You always inspire me to do more physically - what awesome shape you are in. And I love Gaugin as well! I never knew that story about the "discovery" of Jim Morrison! Thanks for sharing it all.

Anonymous said...

hi rebec.
looking forward to your next blog.. welcome back to southern calif from sonoma in the wine country..looking forward to a hike and maybe even trying the eggplant receipe which sounds good, and easy enough for a novice like me to prepare.
carry on.

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet darling,
I hope you are doing well after your trip up north w/the loss of Pearl's father. It sounds pretty bad down in socal. I'm praying the winds stop and my heart, like yours goes out to the people that have lost their homes.