Monday, August 25, 2008

Tapping into Passion

Cooking = art, therapy, love
My passion for cooking brings out my creativity. Being creative is rewarding on so many levels. Creating seems to come from some intuitive thought. I enjoy transforming raw food into a delectable feast of the senses. All is well when I am in that creative, intuitive space….it’s like art, therapy and love…it just feels so good. I feel free and clear in that space. You have experienced the power and energy of creativity and passion haven’t you? That sort of energy is transforming. Have you ever noticed that when you are in your passion… are joyful, grateful and optimistic. Eckhart Tolle, in his book “A New Earth” explains “awakened doing” as having three qualities: acceptance, joyfulness and enthusiasm. When I’m in my passionate cooking mode I see that I am in a high state of “awakened doing.” Tapping into that space of passion creates joy. There’s nothing quite like it. Enjoy.

Washing spinach - with passion
I began meditating several years ago and although I admit I have fallen off it on occasion, I always come back to it because it just feels good. When I meditate, I sit and I focus on my breath and I empty my mind. This might sound weird, but this evening as I was washing spinach, I noticed that I felt the same way as when I’m meditating. I was so focused on cleaning the spinach, that cleaning spinach was the absolute only thing I was doing. I wasn’t thinking, I was cleaning spinach. I’m grateful to have spinach to wash.

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