Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's so easy to grow sunflower sprouts....and oh are they delicious!

I purchase organic sunflower seeds for sprouting from "Handy Pantry - Living Foods" website.  I grow my sprouts in a glass pie plate with organic soil, purified water and a lot of love.  The growing process takes about 10 days.  It's fun to watch the seeds grow into upright leaf sprouts.  I use to buy sunflower seed sprouts at the farmers market, but honestly, it was costing a small fortune - $5 for a little bag containing 3 handfuls (approximately 1/10th of what you see in this photo.)  The amount of sprouts in this photo would cost about $50 at the farmers market, but I grew them for a whooping cost to me of about $1.00.  

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