Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Food and Fitness

I admit it......I'm a foodie. I use to dislike that word thinking it was trendy and superficial but now I completely embrace it because it really describes me. I love food. I love buying it, organizing it in the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator, displaying it, cooking it, serving it to loved ones & clients, eating it and I even love cleaning up after it. I love good pots and pans, knives, farmers markets, the Food Channel on TV (although I don't watch it much....I'd rather be doing the cooking rather than watching someone else do it), my food processor and blender, all the toys and utensils I have and use to make things easy be it shredding, grinding, blending, straining, whatever. I'm not sure what came love of food, or my love of fitness and exercise. This leads me to share how very passionate I am about staying fit and supporting others to do so as well. Because I love food and eat it often I suppose I could be overweight from all that. However, I admit I have always been a little vain, wanting to look good, to have a nice trim figure. Yes, it's true. To that end.....and trust me, I wasn't about to live my life on a diet, I have always partaken in regular and consistent exercise. The combination of good food and good exercise is clearly what keeps me healthy, happy and enjoying the two things I'm most passionate about -- food and fitness. I encourage you to eat well and stay fit. If you need encouragement or support getting on the path to better eating and regular me.....I'm here for you. May you be healthy and happy.

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