Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My 4-Year Blog Anniversary

I can hardly believe I've been writing this blog for four years....one post at a time.  I am easily inspired to write, post recipes and provide health, nutrition and exercise tips because so much of my life revolves around this mindset and action.  I'm passionate about eating right, helping others to do so also, and encouraging people to exercise.  I am a testament to this because I feel so healthy, strong and empowered by enjoying great organic foods and by continuing to get good cardio work-outs as well as twice-weekly upper body strength training.  The quality of my physical life is truly awesome and I firmly believe it is because I eat right and work out.  At over 50, I don't have one iota of pain or stiffness. Quite the contrary....I have more energy and strength than ever.  Life is good!


MissBliss said...

Congratulations! Look forward to reading your blog... just found you.

drcaulder said...

Hey Becs!
Remember your old downstairs neighbor from Palms? It's Michael ( of Michael and Julia). You look great, beautiful and healthy.