Friday, July 27, 2007

A Healthy Lifestyle in Santa Monica

Ah... beautiful Santa Monica... with it's abundant weekly Farmers Market, friendly people, cool ocean breezes and some very wonderful restaurants, bookstores, outdoor venues and entertainment hotspots. Because I value cooking, eating and enjoying fine quality foods, especially organic produce, I look forward to the Farmers Market on Wednesdays. I plan meals around the organic seasonal produce I know I'll find at the Market. I find as much fun, pleasure and therapy in shopping for quality food as I do cooking it and eating and sharing it with friends and loved ones. One of the reasons I love the Farmers Market so much is because it's outside!

Speaking of the outside...I am grateful to reside in the wonderful area bordering Montana Avenue. Early in the morning I walk/jog along the tree lined streets amongst beautiful homes and gardens. I always stop to smell the glorious roses along the way and have a good stretch.

Speaking of stretching...I am a firm believer in stretching and have done so all my life during the various forms of exercise I've engaged in. I think this has kept me relatively pain and injury free. I encourage everyone to take a minimum of ten minutes for stretching early in your walk/jog or whatever exercise routine you are doing (after a 5-10 minute warm-up -- never stretch on cold muscles), and then again at the end of your workout.

I hope to bring and share encouraging and helpful information to you over the course of the life of this blog. I'll be sharing recipes, cooking and nutrition tips, talking about things I have experienced, things I need to remind myself of and hopefully things that will encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle. Some of the information I share will sound familiar....simple things you've heard before about how to live a healhty lifestyle but may not be doing now. Take one thing at a time and enjoy the reward of knowing you've made small changes to feel empowered. I want you to feel empowered, strong and healthy.

Suggestion: get out in the early morning air and walk briskly for at least a half hour. Breath and smile and don't forget to stretch!

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The Passionate Palate said...

Wonderful and inspiring information Rebecca! I am so happy that you will be sharing more with all of us because we all need inspiration. Oh, and yes, we need your recipes, too!!! Can't wait. You go girl, Jeni